Why LGX DataHub?

The LGX DataHub was created to provide issuers and investors with industry-leading sustainable finance knowledge, to foster a future of more responsible investments. Since its launch in 2016, LGX has been gathering sustainable data from all over the world to help turn sustainable finance into a global priority.

Sustainable Development

A transition to a sustainable economy is closer than ever. With LGX DataHub, both issuers and investors can learn more about how they can contribute to a financial future where sustainability is the default investment method.

Increased Transparency

Sustainability is not just about being environmentally conscious; it is also about creating a fully transparent global financial ecosystem. The LGX DataHub provides access to leading sustainability data that strengthens this mission.

Informed Investment

Well-informed investors and issuers are the driving forces behind creating a more sustainable economy. With the LGX DataHub, both issuers and investors can access the data that they need to create and invest in a sustainable future.

Centralised Database

The LGX DataHub contains the highest level of data points on the market on an extensive range of sustainable securities, including those displayed on LGX. Unlock your future in sustainable investment through a centralised platform where sustainable data is at your fingertips.