Sustainable Finance Market – Sustainable Bonds Ecosystem

This course will focus on the role of external reviewers in the sustainable bond market. Participants will also learn about the importance of reporting and the developments in this field. Concrete case studies will be presented to reflect the best practices in the market when issuing a sustainable bond.

What you will learn
  • Gain a more complete understanding of the role of external reviewers in the sustainable bond market

  • Understand the role of reporting in the Sustainable Finance market 

  • Study concrete examples and best practices to be applied when issuing a sustainable bond 

Module 1 – External Review for Sustainable Bonds

This module will explain why an external review is now such a crucial element in the world of Sustainable Finance. Participants will also be introduced to the different types of external reviews available on the market and the major players while also exploring concrete examples of how to use a second opinion.

Module 2 – A Closer Look at Sustainable Bonds Reporting

This module will explain why reporting in Sustainable Finance is necessary both from an issuer and investor perspective by contextualising these reports in the case of sustainable bonds. Participants will also be introduced to the minimum reporting requirements and best practices available on the market.

Module 3 – Sustainable Bonds Case Studies

During this module, participants will be presented with concrete examples on sustainable bonds issued on the market. This module will give a detailed explanation about best practices and where the market is heading in this regard.

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A potential participant should have a good knowledge of the Sustainable Finance market, its products and standards with a specific focus on the concept of the Green Bond Market, its development and its requirements. A basis knowledge on different products and standards is a plus.

We highly recommend that potential participants complete Course 1: Fundamentals of Sustainable Finance and Course 2: Market of Sustainable Finance beforehand.

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