Climate Disclosure Training Programme

In order to provide markets with high-quality training on climate disclosure and provide an overview of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, the UN SSE together with IFC and CDSB, are creating a multifaceted training course for stock exchanges to distribute to their markets.

As a key player in contributing to financing a low-carbon and more inclusive economy, LGX aims to support issuers, companies, investors, asset managers and other stakeholders in their sustainable finance journey, as they seek to meet market expectations and demands.

What you will learn
  • A more complete understanding of the financial risks & opportunities associated with climate change

  • The importance of climate-related financial disclosure

  • An overview of the actions suggested in the model guidance & the action plan
Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative
Climate Disclosure Standards Board
International Finance Corporation

TCFD 101

TCFD 101 provides an overview of what climate-related reporting is and why it is important. It also provides participants with the global and regional context and focuses on the initial steps to address the TCFD recommendations.

TCFD 102

TCFD 102 provides an in-depth program during which participants will peer-review each others’ TCFD reports and wider good practice. For markets with no or very little reporting on TCFD, the course focuses on setting up internal processes for reporting and potential first areas to get started on.


TCFD 102E allows all participants of TCFD 102 to continue their dive into the climate disclosure universe through a self-taught e-learning experience.
Upcoming courses
Live online workshops: TCFD 101 & TCFD 102 (120 minutes each)
Next sessions: stay tuned for the upcoming dates
A self-taught e-learning class: TCFD 102E
Free of charge & certified trainings
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The Climate Disclosure Training Programme is voluntary. Participants who register for TCFD 101 will also need to attend TCFD 102 and complete the TCFD 102 e-learning class. A completion certificate will be delivered to participants at the end of the training.

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