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Insight-packed data to propel your sustainable investment strategy

Learn how to make more sustainable investment decisions that put you back in the driver’s seat of your portfolio with our data analytics. Explore our unparalleled DataHub that brings data points on Green, Social and Sustainability bonds to you.

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Sustainable tools for your investment kit
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Unlock the world of sustainability

Our dashboard provides tailored strategic insights based on your investment preferences. Find key indicators and trends that allow you to monitor important developments on the data that matters to your investments, based on specific objectives.

Unlock the world of sustainability
Detailed reports, built for you
Built-in analytics tools

Solidify your presence in the world of Sustainable Finance with the help of our analytics tools that allow you to filter, find graphs and explore widgets, to build a better strategy using leading sustainable insights.

Search and compare instantly
Your sustainable investment objectives are within reach when you use our powerful sustainability data explorer. Our integrated comparison feature takes your search to the next level by pinpointing the right data for you.
Search and compare in an instant
Stay up-to-date with sustainable data
Stay up-to-date with sustainability data

With our Watchlist feature, you can define when and how you want to be informed about developments in sustainability data, such as the publication of new post-issuance reports. This means that you are always amongst the first to know the latest data developments in the industry.

All things sustainable, in one place
The LGX DataHub provides you with all the tools you need to access and automatically receive data that is important to you, with everything fully integrated in your LGX DataHub dashboard. Our Automated Data Feeds feature allows you to speed up your data analysis process.
All things sustainable, in one place

Discover an ocean of ESG data points on Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds