Terms of use

Last modified March 19, 2020
The LGX Academy Terms of Use outlines all the necessary legal and intellectual details you need to know before enrolling.

1. Preamble
The following are the terms which apply to any person or entity accessing and/ or using the website of Luxembourg Stock Exchange (“LuxSE”) through the domain name “bourse.lu” and all related sub-domains (the “Website”). By using the Website, you agree to be bound by and comply with the present Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”). If you do not accept the Terms of Use, you must not use the Website and leave it immediately.  You are deemed to have agreed with the Terms of Use every time you access and/ or use the Website.

The Terms of Use may be amended, replaced or supplemented at any time and without prior or further notice by LuxSE. You are therefore advised to review it from time to time for any possible changes.
2. Proprietary rights
  • Information

The information, data and/ or document contained, displayed or appearing on the Website (collectively the “Information”) is provided for information purposes only. All intellectual property and property rights in the Information are exclusive owned by LuxSE or its possible licensors (as the case may be).  The Information is protected by, amongst others, intellectual property laws including copyright, trademarks and other forms of property rights.

The Information cannot be used in whole or in part, in any manner, for commercial or marketing purposes.  Any unauthorised use of the Information is strictly prohibited. The Information cannot be disseminated, displayed, sold or distributed, in any manner, in whole or in part, freely or against payment, without the prior written consent of LuxSE.  Any use of the Information other than the one set out above may be subject to the signature of a License Agreement (or any other contract having a similar effect) with LuxSE.

  • Website

All intellectual property rights in the Website are exclusively owned by LuxSE. The Website is protected by intellectual property laws, including copyright, trademarks, and other forms of proprietary rights. All rights of reproduction complete or partial in whatever form and by whatever means, are reserved, including downloadable documents. Except for the rights of access and use granted herein, nothing in the Terms of Use is intended to confer any licence of, right in, or make any assignment of, any intellectual property rights or property rights in connection with the Website. Any reproduction of the Website, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, on any medium or support whatsoever, is prohibited unless otherwise authorised by LuxSE in writing and in advance or unless otherwise set out in the Terms of Use.

  • Trademarks

Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Bourse de Luxembourg, LuxSE, LuxXPrime, Luxembourg Green Exchange, LGX, LGXHub and Euro MTF are all registered trademarks of LuxSE.  They shall not be used in any manner by any person or entity who has not received first LuxSE’s prior written consent. Use of them by unauthorised persons is strictly prohibited.

Use of any of the aforementioned trademarks does not imply any affiliation or endorsement by LuxSE.

  • Use of your name and logo

When using the Website and/ or LuxSE’s services, you authorize LuxSE to use and reproduce your name and logo (collectively the “Trademarks”) (i) on LuxSE’s website and/ or (ii) in the brochures made by LuxSE to promote its own activities under the following conditions:

  • The Trademarks remain, in all cases, your sole and exclusive property. Nothing herein is constructed to assign, transfer, license or create in LuxSE’s favour any entitlement or right in connection with the Trademarks other than the rights granted under this section 2;
  • The use and reproduction of the Trademarks is allowed only to the extent reasonably necessary for and to the sole purposes of displaying the Trademarks on LuxSE’s website and brochures as a client reference (in an illustrative way). Any other use of the Trademarks by LuxSE is strictly prohibited;
  • You  may request LuxSE, at any time, to delete or remove the Trademarks from whole or part of LuxSE’s website or brochures at any time;

The Trademarks shall be displayed on the LuxSE’s website and brochures in a positive and illustrative manner, for the purposes of client reference. The Trademarks shall not be used in any manner that may be detrimental to you or that may materially impact you, your image or reputation.

The display or appearance of the Trademarks on LuxSE’s website and/ or brochures does not constitute and is not construed as being any offer, advertisement, endorsement, commitment, undertaking or recommendation from LuxSE in connection with you or any financial instrument or product that may be issued by you.

3. Disclaimers
  • Information

Please note that whole or part of the Information may come from third party sources. LuxSE does not review, endorse, approve, verify or accept responsibility for the content of the Information as well as any other data, information or document from third parties (e.g. the issuer of the relevant securities). Although whole or part of Information may come from sources reasonably believed to be reliable, LuxSE does not give any representation or warranty, whether express or implied, in connection with the accuracy, correctness, fitness for a particular purpose, reliability or completeness of the Information. LuxSE accepts no responsibility or liability of any kind for the accuracy, correctness, fitness for a particular purpose, reliability or completeness of the Information.

Neither can LuxSE represent or warrant that the Information will be updated, displayed or made available in real time and/ or without any delay.

The Information is not tailored for specific investors’ situations and may therefore not be suitable for you. The Information is not and shall not be a substitute for your own researches, investigation, verifications, checks or consultation for professional or investment advice.  You are using the Information at your own risks.

LuxSE does not accept any liability or responsibility of any kind for any loss or damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of, or any action refrained or taken on any Information.

The Information does not constitute and is not construed as any advice, solicitation, offer, endorsement, commitment or recommendation on behalf of LuxSE to invest in any financial instrument.  It does not represent or constitute any warranty or representation from LuxSE in connection with the good standing, profitability, suitability or reliability of any financial instrument.

Please note that the Information should and shall not be regarded as legal accounting, investment, financial or other professional advice nor is it intended for such use.

The Information does not constitute an offer, invitation or inducement with respect to any service or financial instrument and should not be considered promotional in nature.

  • Prospectuses

In addition to the provisions and requirements as stated above (to the extent applicable to prospectuses), LuxSE shall have no responsibility or liability for any prospectus (and its content) appearing on the Website. The issuer of the financial instruments described in the prospectus is fully and exclusively responsible and liable for the content of such prospectus.

The publication of the prospectuses by LuxSE cannot be represented or construed as a warranty, representation or confirmation by LuxSE that you may be eligible or authorised to invest in the securities described in such prospectus.  The securities described in such prospectus may not be offered, distributed or eligible in your country or state of residence. Such prospectus may also set out restrictions in connection with, amongst others, the type, category or country of residence of potential investors that may prohibit or prevent you from investing in the concerned securities.

4. Website
  • Internet

You are aware of, and accept the related risks of the internet and any automated systems that provides access to internet including but not limited to, interruption or disruption of the Website, system or communication failures, delays, errors or omissions or corruption of the data or systems that could cause you substantial damage, expense or liability and for which LuxSE shall have no liability or responsibility of any kind.

  • Availability and Security

LuxSE will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the availability of the Website in an appropriate manner. In the event of a failure of the Website, LuxSE will make reasonable efforts to remedy such failure or provide adequate workaround as soon as reasonably practicable. 

In addition, LuxSE is authorised to develop, modify or suspend the availability and operations of its Website, from time to time, due to operational, technical, legal or urgent maintenance constraints or with the view to develop the efficiency of the Website.

LuxSE does not accept any liability or responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from any interruption or disruption of the Website. LuxSE has made reasonable efforts to ensure that the Website and/ or the Information are virus free. However, LuxSE cannot give any guarantee or warranty and expressly disclaims any representation that the Website and/ or the Information are virus free. LuxSE encourages you to check routinely your computer using a reliable virus protection product to detect and remove any viruses found.

  • Unlawful use of the Website
You shall not use the Website and/ or the Information for any unlawful, illegal, illicit or prohibited purposes. You shall not use the Website in any way (i) that may be detrimental or may have adverse consequences on LuxSE, the Website or LuxSE’s systems and/ or (ii) that may interfere or impact any other party’s use of the Website. You are not authorised to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorised access to the Website (or portion of it) or to any service provided or offered by LuxSE.
  • Passwords

For the purpose of this section 4, “Passwords” means information any  which is necessary to log in to the Website (or certain portions of it) including user name, password, access code and/ or PIN (as the case may be).

You shall never disclose or share with any person or entity (except within your organisation, on a reasonable need-to-know basis) the Passwords. You are fully responsible for protecting the Passwords against any unauthorised use. LuxSE specifically disclaims any liability for such unauthorised use or access.

LuxSE shall rely on the fact that any person using the Passwords is authorised by you to access and use the Website for you or on your behalf.

  • Link with external websites
No hyperlink shall be made between external websites and the Website without LuxSE’s prior written consent. Any link made to the Website on external sites does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation from LuxSE with regard to the person or entity managing, operating or owning such website.
5. Breach to the Terms of Use
LuxSE reserves the right to start any action or legal action that it may deem appropriate or adequate in case of breach to the Terms of Use including but not limited to blocking or restricting the access to the Website from a specific internet address.
6. Personal Data Protection
Please refer to our GDPR dedicated page (www.bourse.lu/gdpr) for any question related to personal data protection.